But, in this breeze light cloud move of night I really can't move, I just for a kind of woman's blind enthusiasm. How to say, why should the world encourage women to belittle their lives for the sake of momentary affection? It's said that the love of two people in this life needs to go through nine lifecycles. Therefore, there are many people in life who are crazy for love. Some people insist on sending a bunch of roses to the girl every day, and some girls silently watch a person in this life. Our power is really weird, but why do we have so many love tragedies every day? I think it's a beautiful thing to love only one man in my life. However, the premise of its occurrence must be the deep sucking of two hearts, the reunion of the golden wind and jade dew for thousands of years, and the bright spark of the collision in the netherworld. If it is a one-sided love, the woman is really not worth deliberately changing herself for each other. Don't mistake a man's sympathy for love. If a man thinks you're not the type, it's no use how you please him. Or, in a casual situation, a small number of men will be moved by the sincerity of the girl. They mistook pity for love. However, a man's life is, when his mind grows up, he is also expanding. At that time, it's hard for a compassionate love to fetter a grown-up boy. Men's change of heart is often based on this. Popular songs say: a flower opens, a flower thanks. Love is like a flower. The old love withers, the new love's flowers are as bright as summer's hibiscus. Know how to walk on the road of life with sorrow and joy. If you have love, you will be happy. If you have no love, you will follow your fate. We can always be in the hands of our women.